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Delphine Cadoré, artist in the wild

Delphine Cadoré has always created but it was thanks to the internet in the 2000s that she really started to show and sell her work. Her first means of promotion was simply eBay. We met her and she told us about her work.

Future graphic designer seeking freedom

After high school, Delphine Cadoré began training as a graphic designer, which she quickly left, as she did not see herself working on a computer all her life. Her lack of artistic training, far from being a hindrance, opened the doors to creative freedom. “I experiment, I try out different things. Finally, I have no barriers!

A cooperation with André Robillard

In 2010, Delphine Cadoré was contacted by Fred Lux. The latter suggested a collaboration with André Robillard. This meeting gave rise to a dozen drawings started by Delphine Cadoré and enriched by the great raw artist. Delphine Cadoré creates the characters and André Robillard adds the flying saucers on starry skies.

Delphine Cadoré has made many other important encounters. There was the Tabou and Totem exhibition in Lyon organised by Eliza Ploia and Signorino Leonardi, her collaboration with Catherine Siné for the magazine Siné Madame, her exhibition at the Coop’Art with the artist Philippe Aïni, her exhibition in Praz with the singular artist Louis Chabaud or the encouragement of the immense Céres Franco “you have to keep going in this direction, Delphine”.

Step by step, these exchanges reinforce her determination as an emerging artist.

A multiform creation born of constraint

Delphine Cadoré’s work covers many different aspects, ranging from dark and committed black and white works to strong colour works. These different facets of her art are often born of the material difficulties she has encountered.

For example, she sometimes ran out of coloured paint. But she found the colour in the pages of magazines that she cut out! No paint at all? No matter, she uses shoe polish, tipex and cotton buds as brushes! No more paper to draw on?  No problem, cardboard packaging is fine too! With Delphine Cadoré, there are always solutions. Nothing stops her!

What is your job ?

Delphine Cadoré still finds it difficult to consider herself an artist. When people she meets for the first time ask her about her work, she answers “painter” without any other precision, leaving the doubt about the craft or artistic aspect of her activity.  

“I have a bit of trouble assuming my status as an artist. I don’t claim it”.

Delphine Cadoré works in a small room that is also used to store the bicycles and firewood for the house.  “It’s a bit of a hassle but at least I have the advantage of this space. Before, I used to work in the dining room, with the children and the meals it was really not easy.

The editorial team

The editorial team

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