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New scene in Benin

Patricorel recently made a collaboration with Mr Eazi, a Nigerian star singer. International collectors are interested in his work. Beaux-Arts magazine devoted a focus to him in its March 2022 issue. He is represented since 2018 by the AGAMA gallery in Toulouse.
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Artist of the eroded material

Marc Bourlier works with sanded driftwood, sculpted by water and stone. They come from nowhere and everywhere. Internationally recognized, he is present in major museums (Museum of Modern Art in Paris, in Salvador de Bajia Brasil ...)
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Dancing bodies

Catherine Ursin masterfully stages the movement of bodies that suffer, claim, refuse and dance. Draughtswoman and sculptor, she is also a piercer. She is a major of the Biennale Hors Norme de Lyon. The director Vincent Noclin has devoted a documentary to her artistic residency at the University of Lyon 3 during 2021
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Living textile artist

Rebecca Campeau's work is bursting with energy, with vivid and accelerated lines and embroidery stitches. Her work can be seen at the Céres Franco Cooperative and the Musée Art Brut in Montpellier. She was awarded the Taylor 2020 and Artension 2022 prizes.
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Singular packaging

Octogenarian, he draws on the packaging of the products he consumes with his wife, the artist GEHA. With GEHA, they create unique poetic pieces in the "Banal Editions". His works are a reference in the world of art brut. It is present in various international private collections of which the alternative museum of Peter Bolliger
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Dessin sur emballage – 49,5x34,5 cm – encre, Posca

Japanese poetry

Megumi Nemo is a street artist and illustrator, marked by the poetry of childhood. パリを魅了する日本人女性アーティスト 女子美術短期大学卒業後、Megumi NEMOは2005年よりフランス パリに居住地を移し、本格的に制作活動を開始。イラストレーターおよびストリートアーティストとして詩的でナイーフなスタイルの作品を町の人々に投げかける。
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peinture réalisée par Megumi Nemo qui représente une jeune fille aux longs cheveux bruns avec une robe et des feuilles de paier vierges en mains en train de s'éparpiller

Rough poetry

Delphine Cadoré draws, paints, coats, scratches, cuts and transforms. Her characters are ambivalent, disturbing and reassuring. She has collaborated with André Robillard, Catherine Siné and the singular artists Philippe Aïni and Louis Chabaud.With her, the wolf is the nurturer, the mother, but also the least tender, the one who ate the grandmother.
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Human expression first

Laurent Dachet, known as Laudac, paints anguish with delicacy. He associates with talent his works with old frames. He also transforms books or envelopes into works of art. He appears in "L'imagier singulier de François Jauvion".
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Childhood nostalgia

Elisabeth Baldach creates works marked by the nostalgia of childhood, of a bygone and fantasized time, in soft sculpture or in oil pastel drawing. An emerging artist, she recently joined Peter Bolliger's private collection "The Alternative Museum".
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Pastels à l’huile sur papier canson 250gr Œuvre encadrée par l’artiste : cadre caisse américaine en bois blanc Dimensions 12 x 12 cm

Digital and "classical" artist

Jérôme Oudot Trëz evolves in the world of drawing-painting and digital creation. His work is expressionist through drawing and painting, and powerfully mechanical through digital.
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Outsider Imagination

Christien de Jong lives in a small village in the Netherlands. She worked as a primary school teacher. She is a self-taught artist : she draws, paints and creates spatial work from her big, special imagination."
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image représentant une oeuvre de Christien de Jong réalisée à l'encre noire sur fond bleu

A menagerie of paper

Vanessa Hié is a recognized illustrator, published by major publishers (Hatier, Seuil jeunesse, Rue du Monde...). Her colors and cut-and-glued papers form a whole fabulous world of refined elegance.
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Painter and essayist

After studying philosophy and a career as a television documentarian, Jacques Cauda turned to painting at the age of 45. At the same time, he writes essays and directs the publication "La bleu-Turquin" at Editions Douro.
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Dessin de Jacques Cauda 20,5x26,5cm encadré

High-speed train artist

Philippe Chambon is a TGV driver. At a very young age, he admired the creations of Dubuffet and marveled at the colorful works of Keith Haring. He makes drawings, paintings and comics where movements and colors are inseparable.
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portrait façon pop art d'un homme peint à l'acrylique par Philippe Chambon

Raw Rock&Roll

Based in Vietnam, Pfägen creates in a claimed raw style. In the Vietnamese streets, he finds inspiring recycled materials that give birth to characters or animals, also present in his colorful drawings.
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image d'une oeuvre de Pfägen réalisée sur planche de bois au tipex et représentant une partie de visage

Singular among singulars

Draughtsman-author of "L'imagier singulier", pantheon of the art brut, singular and unclassifiable. He was on the cover of Artension magazine. Talented engraver, he also creates reliquaries, clock sculptures and sound triptychs.
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No half-measured world

Stéfan Vivier is an artist who does not cheat. His line is free, the humor overflows, the characters arise in raw compositions. It gives us to see our world without half measures.
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