outsiders' trips with Artistes Actuels

It was a fantastic week of exhibition : thank you to all the artists who worked so hard, and thank you to all the visitors, art lovers and collectors who came to visit us.

The trip required a great deal of preparation and organisation throughout November. It was a fascinating trip, which will give us strong memories and promise for the future, thanks to the wonderful people we met and the new links we created for new projects.
Artistes Actuels was back in touch with its friends and art lovers, and met new ones…

The collective exhibition took place from Monday 4 December to Sunday 10 December 2023 inclusive, Espace Cinko 12 passage Choiseul, Paris 2ème, métro Opéra ou Quatre-Septembre ou Pyramides.  

  • Tuesday 05 December from 5pm to 8pm: Opening in the presence of artists
  • Wednesday 06 December at 6pm: Readings by L’Oeil de la Femme à Barbe
  • Friday 08 December at 6pm: Singing tour of the exhibition with Laure M.
  • Saturday 09 December: Book signing by François Jauvion of L’Imagier singulier
  • Sunday 10 December from 12 noon to 3pm: Closing in the presence of artists

Pierre ALBASSER : Joyful mops - drawing

At the age of 87, Pierre uses recycled packaging to create characters and a rich, joyful bestiary. His style and compositions are inimitable.

His work can be found in several outsider art museums: Musée de la Création Franche in Bègles- Bordeaux, MANAS in Laval, Musée Cécile Sabourdy in Limousin, and in many private collections in France and abroad.

René APALLEC : Surrealist journeys - collage

René Apallec is a fictional artist invented by contemporary collagist Hervé Laplace, who works exclusively with ancient books and magazines. Hervé is one of the leading collagists of his generation. He has exhibited at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in England and the Collage Museum of San

Elisabeth BALDACH : Nostalgic Crossings - drawing & embroidery

Nostalgia for a bygone era inhabits her textile sculptures and oil pastel drawings. Her works have joined collector Peter Bolliger’s “Le musée alternatif” in Switzerland. Elisabeth has exhibited at “Art et Méditerranée” in Juvignac and at “Vibrations textiles” in Paris in 2021.

Nadja BERRUYER : Legendary cruises - embroidery & engraving

Nadja engraves and embroiders hybrid creatures from fairytales and legends from all over the world. Her paintings, embroidered with Bohemia pearls, Japanese silk thread and gold thread, bring us to fairytale-like and eerie lands. Precious materials slide beneath her fingers using the Lunéville embroidery technique, an exceptional know-how.

oeuvre de l'artiste Marc Bourlier Bois flottés cadre bois et papier peint 30x30x7cm, 2022.

Marc BOURLIER : Wanderings on the high seas - Driftwood

Marc works with sanded driftwood, sculpted by water and stone from nowhere and everywhere. Revealed by the famous gallerist Iris Clert, he is now internationally recognised. His work can be found at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris, and in many private collections around the world.

Bernard BRIANTAIS : Itinerances of the humbles - drawing

Bernard restores dignity and a place of honour to the lonely and forgotten of the over-consuming society. With a gentle eye, he draws scenes of life observed in the metro, on the cobbles, in cafés, on the waves… He regularly exhibits in galleries and outsider art fairs in France.

Delphine CADORE : Up and down the mountains - painting & collage 

Her figurative and instinctive art takes us into an ambivalent world. Delphine works in a variety of media and techniques: cardboard, canvas, wood, and metal. She has collaborated with the Art brut artist André Robillard, the publisher Catherine Siné and the outsider artists Philippe Aïni and Louis Chabaud. She has exhibited at various art fairs, including her first here in Paris.

Rebecca CAMPEAU : Textile Odysseys - textile sculpture

Landscapes and characters abound on her canvases, embroidered, and sculpted with sharp, vivid stitches. In 2022, she won the Taylor Foundation and Artension prizes, and in 2023 the Bohin prize at the Salon Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her artworks can be seen at La Coopérative-Musée Cères Franco, the Musée d’Art brut in Montpellier and the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

David MANSOT : Over there in my shelter  - hut and watercolour

His vertiginous huts awaken childhood memories of Robinson, Captain Nemo and Miyazaki. Using recycled materials or watercolours, the real or fantastical architecture of his huts takes us on a poetic journey. David exhibits in France and abroad. His works are in private collections all over the world.

MARCOLEPTIQUE : expeditions in pareidolia - drawing & painting

Marco creates new geographies and unique stories from ancient media (newspapers, books, maps, anatomical plates). His works are incisive and often satirical. Since 2007, he has exhibited throughout France, Italy and Switzerland.

Mégumi NEMO : Poetic tours - drawing & painting

After studying Fine Art in Tokyo, Mégumi worked for the Chihiro Museum in Tokyo.

Since 2005, she has lived and worked in Paris, creating paintings, drawings, prints, collages, and street art. Her refined pictorial style conveys powerful, subtle, and poetic messages. She transcribes situations that can be comic, Surrealist or tragic.

Victor SOREN : Diving in chiaroscuro - drawing

Diving in chiaroscuro: His black stone drawings on Mylar paper plunge us into the intimate mirror of eternal childhood and take us through the night, capturing a suspended moment. Darkness and light merge with a matt, powdery appearance. In 2022, he was honoured at the HEY! Drawing exhibition at the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris.