La famille Morvan Lez Breizh



Title : The Morvan Lez Breizh family

Drawing on road map

Watercolour and coloured pencil

Size  50 x 70 cm

[Legend and History] : Morvan, son of King Argant, is a symbol of Breton resistance to the Carolingian power embodied by Louis Le Débonaire (son of Charlemagne). He is considered as the first king of unified Brittany at the beginning of the 9th century. Ten centuries later he received the nickname of Lez-Breizh (hip, support of Brittany)

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Old media (books, maps, anatomical plates) are transformed into striking works with satirical messages.

Under his brush of watercolor, ink or paint appear characters of the human comedy forming a new geography and singular stories.

Since 2017, he exhibits very regularly in France, Switzerland and Germany.

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