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Elodie Nicolas, drawing and ceramics of anthropomorphic spirits

A discreet artist with a strong personality, Elodie Nicolas hides behind her drawings, engravings and ceramics.

As the artist already reveals herself fully in her creations, she considers it unnecessary to stage herself.

Her drawings, engravings and ceramics tell stories of humans and spirits.

Sometimes caricatures, sometimes exaggerations or humour of circumstance, Elodie Nicolas shows us what she sees of the world and of humans often betrayed by their own spirits, under the gaze of present spirits or past generations.

image photo qui représente l'atelier de l'artiste Elodie Nicolas
The Pinterie workshop, Elodie Nicolas

An assertive personal creation that goes against school or academic dogma

Only black and white instead of contemporary polychrome

Elodie Nicolas uses only black and white for her ink drawings. She is particularly fond of the whiteness of porcelain for her ceramic creations. Her taste for black and white goes back to her childhood, even though her teachers generally encouraged her to colour: in her opinion, colour would drown out everything.

While engraving initially helped her to assert her artistic approach, ink drawing and ceramics gradually took over. Is it because these techniques allow her to create more instinctively?

Precise lines, detail and spontaneity instead of simple graphics

Meticulous detail is Elodie Nicolas’ trademark. With a taste for detail and precision of line, she started engraving at L’atelier du Thabor in Rennes. She has mastered the historic techniques of engraving (intaglio, drypoint, etching on zinc and copper, aquatint, etc.) and has a press in her workshop at La Pinterie in Fougères.

She always begins her creations with a detail and builds subtle scenes around it, contrary to academic dogma, which dictates that the whole composition should be tackled first, starting with a global vision.

A musical setting for botany, the enchantment of nature and the spirits

Now a musicologist, Elodie Nicolas has always done visual arts alongside music. She currently works part-time as a teacher at her town’s music conservatory. This gives her time for her artistic activity in her studio.

Nature is very present in her creations. Her characters do not come from folklore, but are directly inspired by human beings.

It’s as if the fantasies, thoughts, situations and emotions that can pass through people’s minds and can mark and distort their bodies.

They are betrayed by their own spirits, before the eyes of the spirits.

In fact, they are what I see of the world and of humans.

At least, that’s what I see when I need to laugh!

Artistes Actuels will be presenting a selection of her drawings at the Art Brut RDV Paris fair from 22 to 25 May 2024.

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