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Gordon Seward, painting music and song of the world

Admirers of Gordon Seward’s work, we met him in October 2022 on the occasion of his exhibition at Galerie 28 in the Marais in Paris.

The English artist paints joy, music, the songs of nature and the sweetness of life.

Gordon Seward : Pure colours, raw paintings and fauvist influences

The English artist, Gordon Seward, has chosen to live and create near Toulouse, in Occitanie where he was conquered by colour over 20 years ago.

Gordon Seward’s paintings were once known for playing with a palette of 4 colours on extensive flat tints that inverted the colours. Today his paintings have more detail, a thicker touch and also collages. Over the years, he has also thickened his painting. Gordon Seward lets more and more colourful material escape from his tubes.

Gordon Seward fixes light vibrations

Light changes all the time… In essence it cannot be frozen on canvas.  In order to keep the vibration of light permanently, Gordon Seward combines the classical materials, oil paint and pastel, with everyday materials such as glitter, rhinestones and small plastic objects.

In ancient times and in the Middle Ages with religious paintings, artists used precious stones and gold leaf. Gordon Seward incorporates the glittering and festive materials of our time to bring his paintings to life.

Painting music, human and generous sweetness

His figures are usually concentrated or peaceful. What he paints is the movement of the music coming out of the instrument or the animation of the surrounding nature.

In “Ode à Aure, un jardin de musique” the guitarist Thibault Garcia is in his music, his dancer friend is concentrated in her listening. It is the set that dances. The luminous, colourful and flowery background evokes medieval tapestries.

Gordon Seward compares himself to the cat in nature: like the feline, he finds his way with all his senses and not just with his eyes. He is constantly on the alert to deploy his creative energy. It makes no room for reflection. Only his intuition counts.

When he paints outdoors, Gordon Seward works on large canvases. He tries to capture the scents, the birds, the vibrations, the movement of nature, the changing light or the flowers that are waving.

Gordon Seward likes to paint joy and nature. This is his mission as an artist.

” An art based on the elements of joy and humility seems to m, now, more revolutionary and necessary than ever…  “

Guest of the Salon Comparaisons 14-19 February 2023, Grand Palais Ephémère

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  1. Ivan da Cruz

    Excellent presentation of your creations Gordon; Hope you had a good call at Paris.
    Just back from India.

    Love to you both from us.

    Monica and Ivan

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