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Klum Klick, duo of singular artists

François Jauvion and Laurent Dachet, known as Laudac, met in an IKEA shop. Two singular artists in the temple of standardisation ? They had to react! This is what they did, deciding to work together as their friendship grew. This is how the artist duo Klum Klick was born and started painting at the end of 2018.

Klum Klick : artist collaboration, artist duo or independent individual ?

Who is Klum, who is Klick ? We haven’t managed to find out and we don’t think our two artists know very well either! The only certainty is that Klum Klick is a brand new artist. An artist in his own right with his own personality.

” At the beginning we looked for ourselves. We created a style for ourselves but after several months we started to evolve it. In fact our style is constantly evolving. “

” I had difficulties at one point when we did a lot of Klim Kluck. When I started to paint individually, I didn’t know where I stood. “

However, the two artists had difficulties at the beginning of their collaboration to make their personal style coexist with the style of the duo because unlike other famous duos, they pursue their personal work. Klum Klick did not kill Laurent Dachet or François Jauvion.   

Because it is not easy to work together when you are an artist. If François Jauvion and Laurent Dachet have succeeded in doing so, it is thanks to a solid friendship, the pleasure of spending time together and a shared desire to make Klum Klick exist independently.

Improvisation, freedom and two working rules

The duo has set two basic rules: each has the right to destroy what the other has done; the work stops when both are satisfied. For the rest, it is the principle of freedom that prevails.  Alternating brush strokes, superimpositions, exchanges, and something happens…

They work together on sunny days at François’ place and the rest of the time at Laurent’s. François Jauvion’s artist’s studio overlooks a small garden with a wall in the sun. It is there that they produce their large acrylic paintings which, in these conditions, dry quickly. At Laurent’s, on the other hand, they work indoors and paint series of 2 to 4 paintings in order to give the paint time to dry between each pass of 5 to 10 minutes on each painting.

Re-interpreting the great masters to find your way

Klum Klick allows Laurent Dachet and François Jauvion to explore new horizons. Thus, the artist duo started working on the reinterpretation of master paintings. They have successfully tackled Van Eyck, Picasso, Ingres, Gericault, Leonardo da Vinci, Velasquez, Vermeer or by paying a tribute to Jaber, of whom they are both admirers.

Some of the reinterpreted paintings have been the subject of series such as “The Mona Lisa”, “The Girl with the Pearl” or “The Infanta Maria Theresa”.

tableau du duo Klum Klick qui représente une femme allongé qui réinterprète un célébre tableau de Ingres
D'après La Grande Odalisque de Ingres - 65 x 100

A well-established duo of artists

Like on a theatre stage, they improvise. Like two experienced actors, they dialogue and move around. The game is well practised.

A klum-Klick party ends with the magic moment when the painting freezes in a perfect rhythm.  All of a sudden, silence sets in between the two artists, there is nothing more to add at the risk of making a false note. 

Are they two egos that neutralise each other or complement each other? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the result. One plus One is not two artistic identities, but three.

Duos of artists that work are rare in the world of visual art. There is Pierre and Gilles, there is Gilbert and Georges, there is Jeanne-Claude and Christo, and there is… Klum Klick !

tableau du duo Klum Klick qui représente un couple et un chat avec une fenêtre sur le côté
D'après Les Epoux Amolfini de Van Eyck - 100 x 65 cm
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