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Laudac, art as a therapy

Surrounded by the works of art he collects, Laurent Dachet alias Laudac received us at his home in the Paris region where he creates strong and expressive works.

Painting as an outlet

As a young teenager, Laurent Dachet discovered the effects of alcohol when he was confronted with family stress. Later, when he became an architect, he once again dealt with professional pressure by drinking.

A decisive treatment gave him the keys to finally fight his addiction. This is when the artist Laudac was born. The year is 2014.

“Alcohol had become my way of dealing with stress and anxiety and I allowed myself to be overwhelmed to the point where it became dramatic”

He starts with very rough works that he creates in less than an hour like a vital impulse. He signs them by engraving his name directly into the still-fresh paint like a scarification in raw flesh. Gradually, he associates painting, collages and writing. He also hunts down numerous objects that he uses for his creations: old books that he reworks, educational cards representing classic works on which he paints or old frames inside which he creates directly.

” I really like the contrast between what I do and the old frames.”

Laudac definitely likes to rework the old. Part of his creative force is aimed at reworking “those” traces of the past which are also “his” traces of the past.

In search of a lighter touch

Laudac has experienced these last 8 years of creation as a kind of therapy, an outlet for his anxieties. Today, he is approaching a new stage by working more in the long term and with serenity.

He says he is inspired by artists who have gradually gone to the essential. This road also seems to be his own.

“Edi Dubien’s work inspires me. He has gradually found a purity where the relationship between man and nature is a symbiosis”

Peaceful living amidst works of art

Laudac lives immersed in an abundant collection of works by the artists he loves. They are on every wall and in every room. Every square metre is highlighted. So wherever he is at home, he is in contact with the art of others. Just as with his artistic creation, his art collection has a positive effect on him.

“I get a thrill out of looking at the works in my house. It calms me down”

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