Paul Amar digigraphy sheet n°65



Digital print on 300 gr paper (digigraphy)

Number 1 of 8

Format 47 x 59 cm

The digigraphy plate has a double size compared to the original plate which is 26 x 36 cm. This size allows a full development of the drawing.

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Singular among singulars! 

If François Jauvion lives surrounded by the creations of other artists, he has also created a hundred watercolor plates, each representing an artist whose work he loves.

From this work was born a book “L’imagier singulier de François Jauvion” which was featured on the cover of the art magazine “Artension”.

François Jauvion is an artist who has several strings to his bow. Indeed, he was first a model maker. Today, he is a drawer and engraver. He also creates artistic snow globes, reliquaries, clock sculptures and sound triptychs.

Discover François Jauvion universe : A promising singular artist

“In 2018, Artension magazine had a cover story on the work of François Jauvion. I was intrigued by this and so I sought to learn more about the artist and his work. I discovered his electric triptychs, his reliquaries and of course his famous plates on raw artists. I bought several boards in front of which I enjoy discovering all the details of an often humorous and engaging work. “