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Sandrine Lepelletier, Earth, Water, Fire… life in ceramics

Self-taught, Sandrine Lepelletier has been modeling clay since 1997. She lives and works in Rouen and near Évreux in Normandy. She creates highly personal, smoke-fired ceramics decorated with vitrified engobes. Fortunate personal encounters have led her to artistic life.

Entering ceramics through art therapy

During a period when she was questioning her life, Sandrine came across ceramics. Her office job, a non-choice on her part, but a secure choice for her family, was a source of frustration.

At a ceramics workshop where the “potter’s wheel” option was not offered, she started modelling. Her first desire remained modest: to make pottery wheels to produce useful objects… A chance encounter opened the door to true, infinite creation with earth, water and fire. She soon abandoned the path of administrative work to devote herself exclusively to the art of ceramics.

Ceramics, between creation and transmission

Today, Sandrine Lepelletier runs ceramic workshops and teaches her skills. As part of her association “Les Terres imaginaires”, she works with young people in Maisons de la Culture and with disabled people in specialized institutions.

At the same time, she creates and exhibits regularly: Figures libres in Brou, The Artistic Red Dot gallery, Le Grand baz’art, Kalbass’Art in April 2023 in duo with Florence Marie, she is twice selected for a residency in Slovenia in a Museum of Naive Art in Trebnje….

Sandrine also works with the Greater Paris collective “L’Art en barre”, which enables artists to take over public spaces and offers developers the opportunity to add artistic value to their collective housing projects.

She creates and fires her ceramics in Rouen. Her pieces are fired in Marie-Pierre Lamy’s workshop in Saint-Vigor, Eure. She also has a workshop to store her work in the village of Glisolles, at the home of metal sculptor Stéphane Ducatteau.

The organic poetry of Sandrine Lepelletier's ceramic creations

Sandrine’s creations have both an innocent simplicity and spontaneity and sophisticated aspects: The artist plays with clay, glazed engobes and smokings.

She also introduces deliberately naive drawings that add a touch of freshness. Her rounded works invite tactile exploration.

Each piece tells a story of hybrid creatures, often two-sided, as if to reveal the ambiguity and ambivalence of human beings.

Slightly smoked engobed ceramic, rope 41 x 52 cm

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