Delphine Cadoré or the raw poetry and rough fairy tales

photographie noir et blanc de l'artiste Delphine Cadoré avec ses 2 enfants

Delphine Cadoré was born in 1972 in Paris.

Self-taught painter, she approaches various techniques and supports, cardboard, canvas, wood and metal.

She uses mixtures of materials: acrylic paint, oil or dry pastels, collages. 

Beyond the technique, she transmits emotions and feelings. Her art remains figurative and instinctive.

Delphine Cadoré draws, inks, paints, coats, scratches, cuts and transforms. Her recurring characters are disturbing but also reassuring as in all the ambivalence of the world.

With her, the wolf is the nurturer, the genitor but also the less tender one, the one who ate the grandmother.

The Collector's Perspective

It is the “very cash” side, always expressionist and straightforward, that I like.

It is through her work on “the great painters revisited” that I got to know Delphine Cadoré’s universe and started to buy her works. She often hijacks famous paintings without complacency by making disturbing characters appear.