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Delphine Cadoré, spontaneous painter

A selftaught painter, Delphine Cadoré rarely reveals herself.

Artistes Actuels has been representing her since 2022: her works are on the online gallery and she took part in our “Les voyages singuliers” exhibition in Paris in December 2023.

Artistes Actuels follows with interest the creative fulgurations of her singular series: “Les animaux domestiques”, “Détournements d’artistes majeurs par artiste mineure”, “Tu me fais tourner la tête”, “Sans queue ni tête ou presque”… For the first time, she opened the doors of her universe to us in her charming village in the Hérault region, where life is good.

Freedom and creative spontaneity as mottos

With no artistic training, she allows herself to do anything. She uses a variety of techniques and media: cardboard, canvas, wood and metal. She loves mixing materials: watercolour, acrylic paint, oil or dry pastels, collage, tipex…

Beyond technique, she communicates emotions and feelings. Her art remains figurative and instinctive. Delphine Cadoré draws, inks, paints, coats, scratches, cuts and transforms. Her recurring characters are disturbing but at the same time familiar, as in all the ambivalence of the world.

With her, the wolf is the nurturer, the progenitor, but also the least tender, the one who ate grandmother!

Emerging artists thanks to the web

As a child, Delphine and her parents shared a house with artists, including the illustrator Pedro Torrent, known as Peret. From 1970 to 1976, Peret lived and worked in Paris before returning to Barcelona. Born in 1972, Delphine shared the effervescence of the photographers and artists around her. After secondary school, Delphine Cadoré began training as a graphic designer, but soon quit because she couldn’t imagine working on a computer for the rest of her life. She continued to draw on her own, but never showed her work.

It was with the first developments on the web that Delphine started selling her drawings on Ebay. She was noticed by collectors and artists, as well as the journalist Philippe Lespinasse. Lisa and Téo (Eliza Ploia and Signorino Leonardi) from Actuartlyon, the association Le Petit ascenseur run by Triffon Balthazar and Jo 99 took her to her first exhibitions, including Totems et Tabous in 2011.

Thanks to her fellow artists, she met Louis Chabaud and exhibited at the Hors les Normes Festival in Praz-sur-Arly in 2011. In Praz, she meets Philippe Aïni, with whom she will later exhibit. “Tranchée Racine” has published some of her drawings, and in 2019, Catherine Siné asked her to draw for Siné Madame.

affiche individuelle Delphine Cadoré

Painting a rough poetry and human-animal ambivalence

In her village, the artist is not blinded by the charm of the olive trees, vines, gnarled plane trees and cypresses. In the land of light, shadow plays an important role. And so, in all her works, there is an element of shadow, mystery, anxiety and human-animal ambivalence.

Delphine Cadoré has plans for an exhibition in her region in 2024. Artistes Actuels will certainly be exhibiting her work again in 2024: Stay tuned!