You are currently viewing Marcoleptique, artist revealing old papers

Marcoleptique, artist revealing old papers

Spending an afternoon with Marcoleptique is exciting but also exhausting! The artist is always talking, moving and laughing. At fifty years old, the man has the vivacity of a young man.

Artistes Actuels met him in his studio, a few hours before the opening of his big exhibition at the Espace Saint-Jean in Melun (30 minutes from Paris) where he presented more than 200 works from January 21 to March 4, 2023.

Marcoleptique is a visual artist revealing old papers: geographical maps, anatomical plates, old books… and more in the future.

Pareidolia, what is it Marco?

Didn’t you ever see a character emerge from a cloud or a coffee stain? Like Mr. Jourdain, without knowing it, you have done pareidolia. But what we do on an occasional basis has become second nature to Marcoleptique.

Trained as a graphic designer, Marcoleptique has always drawn, but it is in 2019 that he takes the plunge and devotes himself entirely to artistic creation. He makes ink or paint stains in old books and brings out a host of characters in an amazing way. While hunting for old books, the artist discovers the power of old maps and anatomy charts.

Isn’t the map a task waiting for him? Just like the organ? Thus, all these supports are a fabulous ground of expression for his unbridled creativity.

As Marco likes to tell stories, he makes these old papers talk. “In the old maps or in the anatomy boards, there are a multitude of stories just waiting for me!”

When he discovers an old map, sometimes the characters and the story are obvious. Sometimes it takes him a few days. He looks at the map, turns it over and over. He puts it down and one day… the story appears!

Marcoleptique cuts to the essence to make the story better

Marcoleptique’s head is bubbling, but when he creates, it is the simplicity that guides him. “With a map, my goal is to keep the borders, the rivers, the relief. 90% of the time, it is the map that guides me, it is the map that decides and I am its spokesperson. Most of the time, the less I do, the better the story!”

Marcoleptique particularly enjoys working with old maps because he appreciates their quality: “old papers are often of an incredible quality, they allow me to work with watercolors and colored pencil highlights. He respects old papers by giving them a new life. For those which are rare, exceptional and of great value, he does not touch them.

Next step for Marcoleptique: the space!

Marcoleptique is in perpetual motion and is already preparing new trips.

From now on, the artist is interested in satellite maps which open new perspectives. Indeed, we see details that do not appear on conventional maps. The vegetation, the buildings, the color of the land and the sea… are all opportunities to create new works, often more raw than the previous ones.

When people come to him and say “you just made me dream, thanks to you I traveled!” Marcoleptique is fulfilled… and starts again !

Marcoletique will be exhibiting in Paris with Artistes Actuels from March 25 to April 1 along with six other talented artists.


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