HEY! DELUXE #3 Season 2

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An encyclopedia of Outsider Pop : a collector’s book

The only magazine of its kind in Europe, HEY! modern art & pop culture is dedicated to “outsider pop”, i.e. the worldwide family of arts that reflect a contemporary pop aesthetic sidelined by mainstream academicism.

The magazine highlights exclusively figurative works and promotes the “other pop culture”, that which embodies an alternative design to the representations and icons produced by mass culture.

Periodicity Biannual
Bilingual (French + English)
Printed by an art printer.
Editions HEY! modern art & pop culture publishing is an independent publishing house.

HEY! DELUXE#3, life stories, encounters and previously unpublished subjects:

  • The England of Punks, Skin Heads and Mods by war photographer Yan Morvan (France),
  • communications with the beyond by AngkasaPura (Indonesia),
  • Hongmin Lee’s hijacked manga (South Korea),
  • tattoo machines by Karl Marc (USA),
  • counter-colonialism in painting by McGrath Muñiz (Puerto Rico),
  • Chen M’s advocacy of sustainable development in sculpture (Belgium),
  • the healing powers of artist Quan Wansanit Deslouis (Thailand),
  • the tattooed babies of Ronit Baranga (Israel),
  • the demolition of the Patriarchy by artist-theorist mad meg (…)

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