Title: Jewellery – Delicatessen

Illustrated book with 150 colour photos of Bernard Briantais’s drawings and figurines, accompanied by texts by Rémy Beurion, journalist and author, in French

152 pages, hard cover

Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 cm landscape format (Italian style)

Published in September 2022 by L’Oeil de la Femme à Barbe – éditions

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Bernard Briantais portrait with a blue shirtA native of Nantes, Bernard Briantais has been drawing street scenes since childhood in this city.

His drawings are ferocious when it comes to the simulacra of hyper-consumerist society, but tender when it comes to the humble. He takes a warm, sympathetic look at the lonely and the marginalized, to whom he restores dignity and a place of honour.

His sketches have something of the Commedia dell’Arte about them. His style is reminiscent of that of Pellos, the artist behind the Pieds-Nickelés comic strip. He offers us humorous interludes to give us cause for optimism.

His buffoonish little comedies will delight you every day!

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