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Artistes Actuels helps art lovers to build their collection:

Artistes Actuels in four dates

April 2021 : Creation of the website
November 2021 : The online gallery
October 2022 : The English version
March 2023 : Paris exhibit

A succession of humanist meetings for inspiration

Museums, exhibitions, art books, school history books… were my first windows on art and artists. 

The chance encounter with gallery owners refined my approach to contemporary art: a gallery owner in Salon de Provence whose advice on how to choose a work of art has always motivated my choices; the Cheloudiakoff gallery in Belfort and the enthusiasm of its founder Patrick Cheloudiakoff; and Simone Nathan Ascher who founded her gallery at the age of 56.

The first two proved to me that contemporary art is important in our lives. The late Mrs. Nathan Ascher’s career excited me. The works of art I acquired from her accompany me every day, like the brooch she gave me as a gift: a small talisman in her memory. 

Simone Nathan Ascher, gallerist until his last breath

Artistes Actuels is made for art lovers and curious about discovering

Christine Puis-Nicot, founder of ArtistesActuels

Origin of the Artistes Actuels project

In 2020, during the confinement of the pandemic, places of culture were closed. Everyone was withdrawn into their domestic cocoon, with the only openings to the world being the media and mainstream platforms.

In this context, how to give visibility to the visual arts? In the art world, they are too often considered as a non-essential exception, or forgotten despite their diversity and vivacity.

In the midst of this confinement, digital technology became the preferred way to get in touch with the artists I liked. The idea of creating a blog was born. 

The approach : promoting contemporary art

As a collector, I first imagined talking about my collection. To get away from navel-gazing, I chose to show that it is possible to surround yourself with art: to remain curious, to open your eyes, to dare to go towards original creations are within everyone’s reach. 

Artistes Actuels was born! With a web magazine dedicated to artists: to present the universe of artists, their workshop, their creation. Then an online shop is proposed for their works.

From the very beginning of Artistes Actuels, our team’s approach has been to promote today’s artists who practice a lively, abundant and emotional art that is also affordable.

” My deep conviction is that art is neither a financial product, nor an industrialized product. ArtistesActuels is not an art supermarket with thousands of works and artists ”